Pitbulls Rock

7588_880160378660695_465634280859527139_nToday we attended a fundraiser for the Trenton Animal Shelter (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Trenton-Animal-Shelter/848943775122068?fref=ts) and the Lady Margaret Animal Foundation. We do a fair amount of work for the shelter and it was nice to celebrate the amazing work that both these organizations do.

There were different groups and vendors present and several deserve mention because they were raising awareness on the plight of pitbulls. Pinups for pitbulls, a personal favorite, was there. Take a look at their stunning website: http://pinupsforpitbulls.org. They publish an annual calendar with adorable pitbulls and their lovely human bffs. On their website, they list “animal friendly” homeowners insurance companies that don’t penalize folks who share their hearts and homes with Pits. Check out  http://pinupsforpitbulls.org/resources/. Being honest with your insurance company is so important but so is protecting your pet. For years, I told my insurance company that my beloved Zoe, a pit/bull terrier mix, was a Lab mix. I’m sure many of our clients are in the same predicament. The saddest thing is, most pits make loving, loyal and sweet companions, who would rather die than bite a human.

We also met a gentleman from Jamesburg, Todd Jagemann, who wrote a children’s book about Macy, a sweet Pitty that he and his family saved. She had been intended for fighting. The book, Macy The Lonely Pit Bull Finds A Homehttp://www.lulu.com/shop/todd-jagemann/macy-the-lonely-pit-bull-finds-a-home/paperback/product-18962160.html is a feel good happy ending book that will not let you down.

I hope you enjoy these websites and consider sponsoring them. The book or any of the T-shirts/hats, etc. on either site will make excellent holiday gifts and a rescued Pitbull will change your life.

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