The team at Yardville Animal Hospital is comprised of highly trained and experienced animal health professionals who have a genuine love for working with pets. Our staff treats every patient with the highest quality of medical care as well as a gentle touch.

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Miriam Samet, DVM

Dr. Samet, a Jersey native, went to college in NYU and The Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine. She and her husband, Jeff, share their home with their two teenaged sons, her mom and 4 dogs and 2 cats. The family also has a sweet old horse that is living out his golden years. Dermatology and Internal Medicine are special interests. When she’s not working, she enjoys running, spending time with her family and hiking with her dogs.

Joe Antonello

Born and raised in NYC. Father of 3 sons and 1 daughter. Graduated from St John's University and received his MBA from Rutgers University. Retired from the City of Trenton as a Humane Law Enforcement Officer and Animal Cruelty Investigator and Animal Control Officer. Has been involved in animal welfare along with his family for over 20 years.

Arnold aka “Arney” Bruce- Patient Liaison

Arney Bruce arrived at our clinic in 2016 after being found on Paige’s drive into work one day. He was sitting in the middle of Arney’s Mount Road in Pemberton, NJ. He was only a few weeks old and had a very bad upper respiratory infection that if he was left on his own, he would not survive. So Paige scooped him up and onto his new life they went. The entire gang welcomed him with open arms. He has such a playful and sometimes mischievous personality. Arney has a heart of gold and has no fear of animals. He is always trying to be their friend and he makes sure he welcomes every patient while comforting them during their appointments. When he isn’t on the job, he enjoys finding the coziest box to climb in, knocking anything off a counter, and running away with anything plastic.

Stephen aka “Stevie” Joseph- Front Desk Supervisor

Stevie joined our team in 2017 when he was brought in by Trenton Animal Control for what appeared to be an injured leg. Sadly, it turned out that he had a fractured pelvis. So of course Dr. Samet decided that not only did Stevie need to stay with us to recover, but he also needed to forever stay with us so that Arney had a side kick. Now a days, no injury will slow Stevie down. When he isn’t perched on the front desk keeping his eye on everything going on, you can find him running laps around the clinic demanding more wet food or a lap to cuddle on.