Curbside Protocol

At these very difficult times we have decided to continue our curbside protocols because our priority is to not to not only provide the best care for your loved pets but to also do our best to provide safety for our staff, clients, and families.

When you arrive at our office, please park on the left side of our parking lot where you will find labeled signs. We ask that you arrive in a vehicle so this helps us keep a controlled environment and everyone safe. We understand that some of our clients may live close enough to walk, but we do not have an isolated area to keep people separated. When you arrive we ask that you make sure that everyone in the vehicle is wearing a mask and that your pets are secured either by a leash or carrier. Please remain in your vehicle. Once you are ready to have a technician come to your vehicle, please call our office at (609) 585-6599. A receptionist will ask you which parking space you are located in. The number for the parking space is located on the top LEFT side of the sign. We ask that you park closest to the building. We have some animals that are very nervous and having you closer to the building may help reduce their stress. A technician will come out to your car to get a better history/description of why your pet has come in to visit us today. We will slip an additional leash on to your pet if they are walking in to our office as an extra precaution.

Once your pet has been examined Dr. Samet will contact you by phone or through our new app called PetPro Connect. Once you and the doctor have talked and a medical plan has been discussed, we will treat your pet. After treatment has been completed the receptionist will speak to you and take payment over the phone. We are able to accept cash, check, credit card, and Care Credit.